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    Palma to Sa Coma Transfers, due to its proximity to the ocean and beautiful scenery, Sa Coma has become a must go to when visiting the amazing island of Majorca. Some of the tourists’ favorite activities to do are: walking through Strand Sa Coma, checking out the zoo, diving into the ocean to watch the most spectacular underwater scenes and so much more ready for you and the whole family that’ll help you relax, have fun and enjoy your vacations.

    All that stands in your way to awesomeness is the trip from Palma Airport to Sa Coma, it takes about an hour to an hour and a half by private transfer vehicles and two hours to two hours and a half by public transportation, that is if no one gets lost along the way as one single detour can take you to a whole different area. Below will be explained how to get there either by using Palma to Sa Coma transfers or by taking public transportation.

Sa Coma transfers

taxi from Palma airport to Sa Coma

Sa Coma taxi 4 passengers

Sa Coma minibus to Palma

Mallorca Sacoma Minibus 19, 14 and 16 pax

Bus Palma airport to Sa Coma

Palma to sacoma bus: 55 pax

  • Palma airport to Sa Coma

    If you choose to look for a transfer service before hand, once you’ve seen some of the reviews you can check Palma airport to Sa Coma, the transfer service’s official website of your choosing to know what they offer and how much they charge and make up your mind afterwards. Just remember prices will definitely change depending on when you’re planning on going and when you’re perusing the information.

    Some of the most common transfer services found on websites Offers a wide range of options, such as: taxis, express shuttles, Minivans, VIP cars, Coach buses and Minibuses. And even some others will provide detailed information regarding their fleet and their services, provide acceptable guarantees that you won’t be forgotten about and be left behind at the airport, some sort of means to contact them; either by phone or email, and refund part of the money due to poor or unsatisfying service, there are some that won’t show much and offer great prices which end up being a scam, so it is best to avoid shifty websites.

    Aside from all that, there are a few companies that’ll They provide shared transfer services for travelers, as well as random people who just arrived to the Sa Coma airport, which is why it was stated that tourists don’t necessarily have to book for a transfer, just keep in mind they might be more expensive due to season or just because they increased their wages. Whatever you choose, know that it’ll be cheaper than taking a taxi.

    For the handicapped, some transfer services of Sa Coma transfers owns vehicles adapted to your needs, they are equipped with a rear tail lift or ramp for wheelchair access, thus not making you get off your wheelchair, These types of transfers are usually a bit more expensive than the average but it is far more comfortable.

Sa Coma airport

108 /VAT included
  • Up to 8 pax
  • Private Transfers
  • suitcase free
118 /VAT included
  • Up to 12 pax
  • Private Transfers
  • Bags FREE
128 /VAT included
  • Up to 16 passengers
  • Private Transfer
  • suitcase FREE
155 /VAT included
  • Up to 20 people
  • Private Transfers
  • Bags FREE

Sa Coma transfers

Transfer from Palma airport to Sa Coma

Transfer from Palma airport to Sa Coma, once you’ve selected the transfer service you’ll use that’ll take you from Palma Airport to Sa Coma, you need to make up your mind as to which vehicle is best suited for you. Then comes the booking process, you’ll have to fill up a form with your personal information as well as how many people are going with you.

Next, the part no one likes, paying for the service, some of them provide many payment options such as PayPal and different credit cards. Remember it is wise to pay months before traveling because it’ll definitely be cheaper. After you’ve done your payment, you should receive a confirmation email with all the information you need such as the booking voucher and any additional information.

  • Transfers Sa Coma to Airport

    Transfers Sa Coma to Airport, rices change throughout the year in every transfer service company you hire, however some of them may have better offers overall. Some companies may be affiliated, a website that deals with providing customers a way to share their experiences. Some examples of customer reviews done on the website will look like this:
    - Good reviews: very professional, drivers are easy to recognize, they are very efficient, competitive prices, cordial, punctual, clean vehicles, cheap and efficient, the service has been used for over 5 years by the same group, family or individual and so on.

    - Bad reviews: it takes way longer than it should, the driver sold beer and other alcoholic beverages to passengers, it stopped way too many times along the way, customer service is poor and I paid for the service and I ended up having to pay for a taxi.

    Some things to consider reminder: travelers using shared shuttles should expect the vehicle to make several stops at different hotels as the other passengers also need to get to where they are going, increasing the amount of time it’ll take for you to get to your staying address. For those not willing to wait should definitely take a VIP vehicle or use a company who transfer solely your group or take a taxi from Sa Coma airport Taking public transportation from Palma Airport to Sa Coma. If you’re not in a rush and feel like taking your time to go there by bus, you can take bus 1 from the airport and it’ll take you Plaza de España, this bus takes about 20 minutes to get there. Once you’ve arrived there, you go to the terminal station; which is about a minute away, and hop on the 412 bus. It will take a straight route to Drach caves and then make a few stops along the way to Sa Coma, dropping you off at Palmeres avenue.

    The bus trip will take about an hour and 20 minutes. And overall, it’ll take approximately two hours.