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    Located on the east coast of Mallorca Island, this resort lies some 70km away from Palma Airport. The place is a safe and relaxed place to spend some time and it has a perfect location to explore all of the east coast of the island. Those who love beaches can go to Cala Antena, Cala Domingos Gran and Cala Domingos Petit, these coves have plenty of water sports to choose from. And those who love shopping you can go to Centro Commercial to buy souvenirs and every day’s needs.

    Private Transfer service companies: you can find many of them online, detailing all the information needed to select the best for you, either by its cheap prices, its high standards or a mix of both. Also, you can wait until your arrival to pay for your transfers from Palma Airport to Calas de Mallorca. In any case, keep in mind that during high season all shuttles and services might be overpriced, so it is best to have something prearranged.

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Taxi to Calas de Mallorca

Taxi Palma Calas de Mallorca 4 passengers

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Calas de Mallorca Minibus; 14, 16, 19 pax

Bus Calas de Mallorca

Palma to Calas de Mallorca bus: 55 passengers

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    To best choose the transfer service, it is recommended to check multiple websites to check if they all offer the same service for the date you are planning on traveling. Although their fleet might be big, sometimes it isn’t enough, especially during summer break.

    Also, take your time to make all the necessary calls or emails to verify everything, more so if you have special needs that ought to be covered such as being handicapped or having small children that need to be taken care of by providing, for instance, a child seat.

    - Taxi: although a little bit pricy, taxi from Palma Airport to Calas de Mallorca it is a perfectly good option to those traveling for the first time to the island and want to arrive quickly to the resort to start shopping and having fun. On the bright side, there are always plenty of taxis to choose from just outside the arrivals hall at the airport, so there shouldn’t be any –or at least a very little

    Also, taxis won’t make any unnecessary stop along the way, contrary to many transfer companies. They should also operate at a fixed price and it should also be somewhere around 70 euros and the word should is very important in these cases, as they may vary depending on the number of suitcases, hour of the day, season of the year and how many passengers are traveling.

    For families traveling with small children, hotel transfers keep in mind not all taxis have child seats as it is not a rule. Whichever method you choose to use, try to call before hand to arrange everything, such as schedule and date, in order for the driver to be prepared.

Calas de Mallorca airport transfers

110 /VAT included
  • Up to 8 pax
  • Private Transfers
  • suitcase free
125 /VAT included
  • Up to 12 pax
  • Private Transfers
  • Bags FREE
135 /VAT included
  • Up to 16 passengers
  • Private Transfer
  • suitcase FREE
145 /VAT included
  • Up to 20 people
  • Private Transfers
  • Bags FREE

Palma Airport to Calas de Mallorca

Palma Airport to Calas de Mallorca

Palma Airport to Calas de Mallorca, any companies like to have reviews on their website. Sometimes they might be taken from their own pools and other times taken from outsourced websites. It is recommended to look for reviews on other websites as well because there is no way you will never see a bad comment posted on a company’s main page.

No matter what website you use, check for their average score and also read some comments, both good and bad to help make up your mind.

  • Transfer Palma airport Calas de Mallorca

    Using shared shuttles will undoubtedly delay your arrival due to several reasons. You might have to wait for another flight to arrive, a passenger might get lost in the airport, the shuttle may travel to another place first or make several stops along the way. Taking public transportation from Palma Airport to Calas Mallorca. There are several routes to get there, however there is one that has an average time and you have to take as many buses as others that take even an hour longer. First, take bus 1 to Plaza de España, it can be taken from within the airport premises. Then, walk towards estacio intermodal, which is on the same street from where the bus will drop you off. At the station, take bus 412 leading to Coves Drac. It shouldn’t take over an hour, but don’t expect it to be a short trip either. And finally, take one final bus to Calas de Mallorca, bus 441. This last bus is taken exactly at the same spot where bus 412 will drop you off.

    You have to exit the airport and join the Ma-19 motorway leading to the town of Campos. Join the Ma-5120 leading to Felanitx. If you made it to the town, congratulations! You’re almost there, all that’s left is the trickiest part.

    After reaching the town, continue along the Ma-5120 motorway and don’t deviate, you will end up driving in Ma-14, where you have to follow the path without making any turns until you don’t have any choice (because you will encounter one-way roads to your right and in front) then you turn left and right again as soon as you can. You go on until you reach a plaza, then you have to go north-east, or in more simple terms, continue along the Ma-14. Then you will find yourself in another plaza and you must turn right to enter the Ma-4010 route.

    You continue on that pathway until you reach El Castillo Del Bosque (The Castle of the Forest) which is a restaurant, if you go pass Tank station then you have to turn around. Once you turn to your left (or right if you went pass it) you will be at Ma-4014. Keep driving on that motorway without detours and you should make it to Calas de Mallorca airport.