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    Paguera transfer, Known with the Mallorcan name of Peguera, this small town has become the favorite for tourism that comes from other European places, especially from Germany, although visitors from Great Britain are also frequent there.

    The privilege of micro-weather on the region, protected by Tramuntana Mountain Range that joins with the beauty of its surroundings and the coast to turn Paguera in a perfect place for enjoying your holidays in which there is nothing missing.

    Paguera Beaches. The beautiful beaches near Paguera have been since the 60s, the time the touristic boom started, the fundamental claim of this zone. Three big dunes and several small creeks, some of them where you can be totally nude, are the responsible that every single year thousands of visitors come to Paguera searching their particular spot under the sun.

    The international touristic tradition of the zone has been held from the beginning of the 20th century, when the English citizen Harry Waring built the first house at the sea shore of this town. The name of this house was Palmira, which currently is also the name of one of the most important beaches. It was just the first stone of a nourishing industry that contributed with this zone development, turning this enclave in a reference place among international travelers.

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    Places and activities to do in Paguera Paguera and its surroundings counts with many interesting places to visit, in that sense, every year many people repeat their experience to come there to continue enjoying everything they have to offer. The first thing that can grab your attention and the reason why the majority of people come to enjoy their vacations on this region are its beautiful beaches. By the palm trees that border the shore of the beach. From this trip, we reach also Torá beach with three big dunes decorate the coast of Calvià, and all of them are quite near Paguera zone. Palmira beach, Torà (or Paguera Torá) and Romana beach or dels Morts, which is called like that due to the prehistoric remains found on the zone. Palmira is the name of the biggest and most popular beach of the three; with its 1969sq feet is easy to access from one side to another thanks to the maritime trip marked its 500sq2 is a wide dune too, by which you can get access directly from the Paguera urban center.

    Romana beach has an extension of 1960sq feet of white and fine sand; the thing that highlights the most of this beautiful dune is the marvelous vegetation that has been preserved along with it, formed by pine trees and sabinas. This beach can be reached by a road that starts from Torá beach throughout the coast. For those who enjoy keeping away from the most touristic beaches and like to refugee on the creeks intimacy, there many of them near Paguera for all kinds of people. The best known because of its size and configuration is the beautiful Fornells creek. In which you can enjoy solariums over the nearby rocks to spread the resting space. S’Olla creek is the wildest and the most virgin one, which is perfect to take a bath and less favorable to suntan, because is made of edges and gravel and very Hotels

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What to Eat in Paguera? Mallorcan gastronomy has a lot of things to offer and y wide repertoire of delicious stews, excellent sausages, great raw material that comes either from the sea and soil, great wines and liquors, and desserts capable to please the most demanded gourmet. The famous Mallorcan fish, meat or mushroom soups are an indispensable dish on the island. The most typical ones barely have broth, and they are made based on vegetables and bread. Within the most traditional list, it also highlights the “roosted porcella” (stewed sucking pork), lamb or turkey escaldums.

Another much appreciated stew in Mallorca is the Mallorquín fruit that has in its ingredients lamb kidney, blood, onions and potatoes. Snails, sobrassada, botifarrones, camaiot, pork tenderloin with Brussels cols. All those land products are perfectly complemented with a wide variety of preparations based on seafood and fish.

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    Paguera feasts and celebrations. Apart from a very animated feast calendar spread everywhere in Calviá zone, in Paguera you can find different gastronomic feast, small open air markets. All this can make Paguera a destination for having funny and varied vacations.

    Paguera Airport Transfers. There are different ways to make your private transfer Palma Paguera. One of those ways is taking the public bus services in the Palma de Mallorca airport. There is a route that has several buses that go to Paguera and back each hour. Other options are if you travel with a big group of people, you can hire a shuttle and pay approximately € 20 each to leave you exactly in the place you will stay in Paguera.

    The other option to make your Paguera transfer is by renting a car in advance before your arrival, or even at the airport if you want to travel with certain comfort and not relying on other people’s time and schedule. This option is one of the most popular one to make the transfer from Palma airport to Paguera. Finally, the other options are the taxi services inside the Palma airport to Paguera and pay around €30 for this service.Therefore, in order to make the transfer Palma airport to Paguera, the best option is hire any kind of transportation in advance.

    Transportation in Paguera. To go any place, you want in Paguera, the best option is using the public bus service inside the zone which is very safe and comfortable, and hence there will be not inconvenience for you to enjoy the stunning view of Paguera. Another option is a car rental. For less than €50 per month, you can rent a car and go anywhere without any shocking time. Any choose you make, Paguera is one of the most exciting place to visit. You will never get bored! Pack your luggage and have a nice trip!