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After an engagement party, getting married in Majorca is the dream of many couples around the world. On this context, the island accomplishes all the requirements needed to celebrate weddings and honeymoons. You can make any idea you have in mind: from a private transfer ceremony, to a very fancy party, characterized of countless lists of preparations and assistance. Another important note is that Majorca is one of the most accessible and affordable places to celebrate weddings.

Many couples dream to celebrate that “big day” in a romantic place located on the seashore, during that beautiful sunset. That is why Majorca has become on the European favorite destination for celebrating weddings. On this guide, you will receive all the information you need to bring about a fantastic wedding in Mallorca.

Everyone wishes to see how the handsome and a bit nervous groom gets into the church or the place where the ceremony is held along with his mother. A very happy and proud mother that feels that his son finally found the person that completes him, who always backs him, and who loves him. And the bride, so beautiful, and apparently self-confident, along with her father who cannot hold his tears full of emotions and happiness. The music starts, and all the magic begins.

The transfers wedding in Mallorca does not have any complications. Once you hire the service of an agency, or someone who knows perfectly how to organize this important event in your life, everything will be solved. Even transportation! If your wedding will be in Palma, the transfers Palma wedding will be perfectly feasible. Your guests will receive in comfortable and private shuttle, or private buses that take them to the hotel, and from them to the location where the wedding will take place. And the limo you and your future husband/wife will use that it will take you to the reception.


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Wedding in Palma

Why getting married in Mallorca. Mallorca is definitely the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean, and having such a special celebration there is one of the greatest experience you will ever have in your life. Wedding in Palma or any other place in the island will complete the scenery.

Apart from that, Mallorca offers a great variety of places where you can turn you dreaming wedding into real. Everything is possible there: from getting married totally barefoot on the sand, to make your wedding in a church located on the top of a mountain, while everyone enjoys impressive views.

The spanning number of visitors that Mallorca has received over the years has contributed to create a warming welcome sensation that is always reinforced by an excellent service from all the people that work in the island. Plus, a great typical weather, it is perfectly understandable why many couple choose Majorca as the ideal place to marry.

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Sunny Wedding. Weather has a very important role for those people who make their decision to marry in Mallorca. The island counts with 300-day of sunlight during the year, which increase notably the possibilities that the sun will shine during the day of your wedding.

Maybe most of you love the Sun in its pure state, and prefer celebrate your wedding during summer, but there are also many people that set months such as May and September because they are slightly less hot. In fact, even though June and September are the months with most requested dates for weddings, any day from April and October are also considered good months for the best day of your life.

Places to get married. The place that you choose to celebrate your wedding will mark completely the style of the celebration of that special day. There are many places that would please your guests, and will create a wonderful environment like, for example; the top of a mountain surrounded by magnificent views, or a beautiful hidden bay on the Majorcan landscape.

The historical architecture of some Majorcan churches, and the opulence of some hotels, will also cause a very nice impression. Most of the couples are used to having an idea about the type of setting in which they prefer to get marry. Some of them are tend to choose a church, or the beach, while others decide to have a wedding in a farther place in the mountain.

Either you want to celebrate your wedding and the banquet in only one place, or if you prefer to do a classic wedding, followed by an unforgettable reception in another place, Mallorca offers you wonderful options that it will adapt to your plans.

Depending your own circumstances, there are many rules that you have to take into account. In Mallorca when you want to get marry by the Catholic Church, you need that one of the members of the couple has been living in the island for at least two years. This rule is applicable in all cases, except for those who are catholic and they want to marry in a roman-catholic church in Majorca. If it is the case, you will need your religious profile through a baptism certificate and a letter written by the parish priest in which you were baptized.

Planning to Marry in Mallorca

Whatever your decision would be, hiring a specialist in wedding planning is the best option for organizing your own. This is definitely a very productive investment. On that way, you will receive the assistance of a person with many years of experience on the field and an extended knowledge of locations available to set the ceremony.

Your wedding in Mallorca will the most beautiful and wonderful experience you will have about the best day of your life. Just make your reservations in advance because the demand is increasing every day.