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Tour around Mallorca. Most of the visitors of this wonderful island limit their boundaries by only the small piece of beach that surrounds them, and they totally neglect the rest of a beautiful coast. Majorca offers wonderful landscapes, as well as treasures among its pampas and hills that it worth to visit. Some tours around the island will show you a unique wealth of contrasts. Majorca excursions can be the best experience you can ever have during your vacations. Let’s start by making a beautiful tour around its capital, Palma de Mallorca.

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Due to it is only 16km, (9.942 miles) from the port to El Arenal, we recommend it doing by bicycle, using a path that it is surrounded by the coast, which we will find us the pleasure of that slow motion views of El Portixol, El Molinar, Cool d´En Rebassa and Can Pastilla, by ending this tour in El Arenal.

When you plan to come back, we recommend you to use the same way. On the same Palma Bay, there are other beautiful enclaves that are worthwhile, such as Illetas, a bay of around 75 meters of extension with stunning pine trees that strokes this fine-sand bay, or Santa Ponça, a beach with very fine and transparent water.

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Touring. Tour Palma de Mallorca is as it was mentioned above, the best place to start. We can enjoy and see different sights and activities there. Let’s take a look of what we can do in the capital of the island. “La Ciutat” this is how Majorcans call the city which is magnificent presented since you get to the port, decorated by yachts, palm trees and the Cathedral at the bottom, provides a magic view, and even more impressed if you arrive during the time in the morning.

In Palma lives practically half of the population of the island. The city is extended like a 15 km (9400 miles) land parallel to the sea. If we take a deep look, we can see the charming successive roofs speckled with monuments where history and modernity join with the green of the prairies and the Mediterranean Sea in perfect harmony. Although at first sight there is certain sense that tells you the city is much smaller, the possibilities that the city offers are as it were a much bigger place.

There are many interesting places to visit and we are going to mentioned those you cannot miss: The Cathedral Called La Seo by the Majorcans, is maybe the most significant Palma sight. Built between XIV and XIX, it had the privilege to count with a fixing Gaudi’s talents who was in charge of the inside. The result was as fascinating and original than the description is impossible.

Almudaína The Royal Palace was built over the former Muslim Alcazar and it was the residence of the first Majorcan Kings.
Lonja This place is maybe one of the most beautiful samples of civil gothic on the Mediterranean zone. Today is the place in which the Museum of Fine Arts is set. It was built by Guillem Sagrera, who provided it with a fantastic interior and a great façade.
Sea Council Near the former one which is currently the see of the autonomic Balear Government. There is a beautiful gallery inside of renaissance style from XVII.
Borne Road The heart of the former city center, this is one of the most animated streets of the city. On this road, either on the right side to the left side, it is possible to see medieval streets decorated by elegant palaces and houses from XIX century. The great quantity of palaces that surround the city is maybe one of the most attractive aspects of its touristic visit. On its beauty and wealth, you can appreciate the Italian influence of the city.

Tour Palma de Mallorca

Balloon Flight. Without any doubt, this must be a unique experience. We are sure that no one will forget the time in which you get into the basket and start to see how fast the balloon elevates up to the sky. The trip lasts over 4-5 hours, and you will have the chance to go around the whole island and have a totally different perspective of this paradise. If you are not afraid of heights, you will love the trip. People get excited about it, and once the trip is over, they wish they could repeat it again. There are many companies in Palma and in other town that offer this service. Just try to choose the most suitable one for you. Do not take into consideration only the price, but the safety issues before pick one of them.

Catamaran tour on Palma de Mallorca Bay. The excursion on a catamaran around the Palma de Mallorca starts at the moment they pick you up from the hotel, or the place you are staying to take you to the departure place. Then, they invite you on board to a beautiful catamaran with sails for enjoying 4 hours and a half approximately. Sailing on this fabulous catamaran around the spectacular Bay of Palma de Mallorca it’s a pleasure. During the tour, they will make some stops on great sights in which you can swim, snorkeling, or just enjoying the Mediterranean Sea.

Then, it will be time to enjoy of a great food included on the excursion. The buffet consists on paella, a great variety of salad and meat, and fruit. During the tour, soft drinks and water are also included. For other kinds of beverage, there are some catamarans that have on board bars.

Excursion inside Drach Caves. This excursion inside Drach Caves is ideal for those that do not have enough time in Mallorca, and want to only visit the caves this excursion just takes 4 hours and you can take advantage to do other stuff or other excursions. This excursion will take us to visit the wonderful Drach Caves, considered the most beautiful caves in Mallorca. During the travel inside the Drach caves, situated on the east zone of the island, at 60 kilometers to the south of the place. The excursion will pass through the interior zone of Mallorca, and the guide will explain you the curiosities about the island and the caves. The visit takes 90 minutes, and you can travel in its interior, followed the itinerary that let you to see some of the most beautiful sees, small lakes, and spectacular stalagmite and stalactite formations. At the end of the excursion, you will arrive to the Martel Lake, one of the biggest subterranean lakes in the world, where you can enjoy a classic music concert live, which is a unique experience that you can only enjoy on Drach Caves.

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