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    Palma de Mallorca airport transfer, Reasons why you have to Move Now to Palma. Sun, beach, a nice well-communicated urban center, or just a good place to have a great dinner, are just some virtues that have become Palma de Mallorca to lift the first prize of the best city in the world to live according to the British dominical “The Sunday” which has designated Palma de Mallorca among 50 candidates. These are the reasons that people from the Baleares capital think they live in the best place in the world.

    Palma airport transfer, 300 days of Sun during the year. Sun is the best friend of Palma de Mallorca which gives this Mediterranean city a special light that possesses a privileged weather all the year with a media of 300 days of sun and a temperature that varies between 64°F and 60°F. during the summer the maximum temperature are between 84°F and 88°F. the minimum temperature during the winter night are between 41°F and 48°F.

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    Transfer Palma airport, The Sea, its Beaches and hotels transfers Palma de Mallorca is the destination for countless Spaniard and foreigner tourists during the whole year thanks is privileged weather, its cultural and artistic wealth and, of course, is beaches. Palma de Mallorca beach is one of the most extended one from the Baleares. Its 4.600 meters of fine and white sand, where every year the Blue Flag is raised and invites you to disconnect yourself from the world and enjoy of dreaming vacations and its quiet and clear waters.

    Airport transfers Palma Majorca, the beach is located 14 kilometers from the center of Palma and has all the services, from disabled people accessibility, WC, showers, phone booths or open air restaurants. Another option is Can Pere Antoni beach. Located only 2 kilometers away from Palma de Mallorca city center and its 750 meters’ length with a maritime sidewalk, becomes this beach in a reference to walk around and enjoys its bars and restaurants. On Palma de Mallorca bay, on Calviá municipality, there is very exclusive hidden beach called I’Oratori or Portals Nous Creek. This is the place chosen by numbers of famous people to rest at the summer sunlight.

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The beauty of the Urban Area. The beauty of Palma de Mallorca old helmet is one of the inspirations for living on this city seeded by magnificent monuments. There, many Palma inhabitants walk around the streets in order to discover the corners, alleyways, or the stately homes backyard secrets, such as Casal Solleric, Can Vivot, Can Oms, or Can Bordils. Among its main monuments is La Seu Cathedral. Started in 1229 and ended in 1601. This is a Levantine Gothic-style center built at the shore of Palma Bay. You can see it on the sea over the Renaissance Roman Walls that protected the city, being the only Gothic Cathedral that accomplishes with this particular thing.

Longa de Los Mercaderes of Palma de Mallorca is another of the most frequent places and one of the civilian gothic buildings of Mallorca. Located in a square opposite to the Maritime Sidewalk and the Old Dock of Palma Port. We cannot complete the list without mentioning La Almudaina. The Royal Palace or Royal Place, that gathers in its walls. The history of the island from the beginning of megalithic settling. Currently is used by his majesty the King as the official residence for ceremonies and receptions during summer.

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    Bellver Castle. Three kilometers on the east of Palma downtown, crowned by a 112 meter-hill, the Bellver Castle is raised, another attraction pole of the capital. The Bellver Castle is a Mallorcan-Gothic-Style fortification built at the beginning of the XIV century by the King of Mallorca James II. It is located over a 112-meter hill over the sea level, in a zone surrounded by woods, in which you can appreciate the city, the port, the Tramontana Mountain Range and the Pla de Mallorca: in fact, its name derives from the old Catalan “bell veer”, which means “beauty view” One curious thing about the castle is that is one of the few circular floor castles in Europe, being the oldest one of all.

    Shopping in Palma. Another strong reason why people from Mallorca should be proud about their city is because the amount of possibilities to go shopping in the stores for all likes and according to everyone´s budget. Walking around the old helmet, enjoy its historical buildings and at the same time, buying and visiting some stores is a very nice experience. Shopping Malls where you can also enjoy a leisure time with the whole family, or going to the traditional little markets in which you can buy autochthonous products from Mallorca.

    A Well Communicated City. There are many foreigners settled in Palma de Mallorca, that is why it is important to have and international airport only 20 minutes away from the city center. In order to make your Palma airport transfer comfortable, you can take any kind of transportation services from the airport with no difficulty.

    The other option to make your airport transfer Palma is by taking a taxi. The fees are not so high comparing with other places in Spain, and they include the toll fare. Finally, the transfer from Palma airport also offers private transportation service. You can hire a shuttle (if your budget allows you to do that), or just rent a car (with a GPS included) for about 15€ per day and having the advantage of going anywhere, anytime with no complications at all. Although, it is important to point out that the public transportation in Palma de Mallorca is outstanding!

    Sunset in Portixol. The Palma de Mallorca inhabitants know perfectly how to enjoy the city. One of the most frequent zones is Portixol, a vintage fishermen neighborhood, three kilometers away from Palma city center. The sidewalks of its maritime boulevard, and the numbers of terraces invite locals to walk around, skate, or run, but at the same time, to enjoy the sunset. A curious detail: if we take a look at the houses’ terraces, you still can see the hooks in which the fish boats were hung.

    There are many reasons to stay in Palma. The most important one is that you will never get bored!