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Can Pastilla airport transfers

  • Transfers from Palma to Can Pastilla

    Transfers from Palma airport to Can Pastilla, A beach surrounded by fun, history, culture and nature. Of course, the first point of interest of the Palma Beach zone is the beach itself. This dune counts with a total of four thousand six hundred meters. (4.600mt2) these dimensions turns this place in the most important and most crowded beach on Mallorca island, as well as is fine golden sand and its improvable facilities regarding services.

    Can Pastilla airport transfers on the proximities of the beach, the open air restaurants, stands, commercial zones and hammock rental stands that go hand in hand with the lookouts, the baths and spas, bars and restaurants. Besides that, on the other side of the beach, concretely on the east zone, we can find the exclusive Nautic Sports Port Llucmajor S’Arenal.

Transfers Can Pastilla

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  • Transfers Palma airport to Can Pastilla

    Transfers Palma airport to Can Pastilla, A brief story of the beach. This touristic zone started to build up between 1920 and 1925. Bartomeu Riutort, the architect of this future place, he got the blessing of the Ripoll brothers, owners of “Sia Torre Rodona”, to give their lawn to the Catholic Church a solar for the construction of the temple.

    Can Pastilla transfers, A 30 meters of length by 12 meters of width approximately that occupied part of the current square, opposite to the temple. He later changed this solar by another one of a bigger size, 970 meters which was enough for a temple and a rectory. During the wakefulness of the Saint Anthony’s feast in 1927, the bishop Gabriel Llompart blessed the place and set the first stone of the temple.

Can Pastilla transfers

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transfers to Can Pastilla

Airport to Can Pastilla

Can Pastilla airport transfers, Can Pastilla is a very safe place, as well as other places in Mallorca. There is the Local Police Department who act immediately in case any issue or situation may occur with you, your goods or your safety. There is also a Fire Department, The National Police Department that works hand in hand with the local ones, and a good Life Guard body whose main purpose is your security, despite of the water in Can Pastilla is very calm and not so deep.

How to Get to Can Pastilla. Can Pastilla has a very wide public transportation and private transfer service to get there, that makes the zone being very well communicated with Palma, the capital of Mallorca and with the rest of the island. To make your Transfers from Palma airport to Can Pastilla, the bus service has a much extended timetable, which is why you won’t find any inconvenience to go using the buses that get there and do with no difficulty the Can Pastilla airport transfers

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    Pastilla cannot miss are Almudaina or Royal Palace; La Lonja, Guillem Sagrera building, which has a civilian gothic style and in which you can find the Museum of Fine Arts. Can Pastilla is a beach with a well-developed bath zone in which many restaurants, food stands and other facilities are found in only one small place. If we prefer take a bath on a beach that has smaller dimensions, Estancia Creek is the best option. This small beach of fine sand and calm waters is located next to Saint Anthony Club. Its main feature are 2 breakwaters in which the inhabitants of Can Pastilla spend the morning waiting to catch any fish, as well as a protection of the winds on the beach.

    Things to carry while you visit Can Pastilla. Remember that Can Pastilla, along with most of the beaches in Mallorca has a beautiful, fine white sand, which make the Sunlight very intense while you are taking a bath on those dunes, therefore a good sunblock, a big umbrella, (although you can rent one there), a good a resistant towel, your flipper, and the best bathing suit possible! You will not regret the chance of enjoying one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. Mallorca and Can Pastilla want you to visit this zone with many things to offer. There is nothing, but to have fun while you are there. Thousands of British, German and other European tourists can confirm the fact that Can Pastilla is a place to enjoy!

    hat to Eat in Can Pastilla? Can Pastilla have a very diverse gastronomical offering with traditional mallorcan dishes as well as international gastronomy. The latter is due to the increasing tourism interest on the island. From places like this one, in which you won´t have any problem to rent an apartment during your vacations in Can Pastilla, or just make a reservation in one of the rooms available in a hotel, up to rent a luxurious village with stunning views. We have to highlight here that Can Pastilla means sea, beach, but also means great food offering for all budgets. You won’t have to worry about what to eat and concern about what dish you should try each day.

    Here is important information of interest about transfers from Palma to Can Pastilla: There are to bus companies that cover the regular service using the highway. With urban buses, we can make our transfers Palma airport to Can Pastilla using the EMT, while the TIB links the zone with the rest of the island. The Can Pastilla transfers can also be done by a touristic train. Line 52 that joins Can Pastilla with El Arenal via the first line of Playa. The itinerary starts in El Camí de Can Pastilla N° 110 in El Arenal. The price of a round trip ticket is 4€ and allows you to stop by and take an advantage to visit the different point of interests that this trains offers.

    Whatever your plan is, Can Pastilla is the right place to visit in Mallorca. A place full of stories, nice hotels and other accommodation places, great food with a wide gastronomy, all the services to make you stay the best experience possible, and marvelous waters to dive in and not get it out for a very long period of time. Can Pastilla is the place to be!

    Get ready your luggage, book your room and come before everything sells out!