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    Soller airport bus, Welcome to Sóller. This land is full of entrepreneur and hospitable people. Sóller and its harbor offers the visitors a unique experience. It will be full of pleasure to re-discover this little natural treasure, so coveted by private transfers that during the old times sailed the Mediterranean Sea and delight our senses with an unrepeatable landscape in which sweet perfume of orange blossom and the deep sea aroma is mixed.

    During the last years in the Port of Sóller, they have been carrying out a series of improvements in infrastructure made by public administration, such as the recovery of Barrio Marinero, the powder keg recovering and the opening of Museo del Mar in Santa Catalina. All these works made with the assistance of the Plan of Touristic Excellence.

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    Palma Mallorca airport to Soller, Tourism in Sóller. This place called Sóller as well as the port is characterized for its landscape variety: mountain, beach, sea, cliffs, torrents, etc. the natural scenery that offers El Valle De Los Naranjos and its port, allow us to practices endless sports activities and a different tourism which complements the traditional one that goes hand in hand with the sun and the beach. Besides, the closeness of several golf courses that are perfectly communicated with this little town, the existence of a tennis and paddle club and various excursion organization companies along with others related to boat rental with and without crew, also give us a plethora of possibilities that it would need more than one visit to cover everything Sóller can offer to the visitors.

    THow to get to Sóller. Sóller is communicated by public transportation. You can also make your transfer from Palma airport to Sóller by taking the famous Sóller train that passes through the mountains and crosses the pampas to reach Palma and links with the streetcar that passes the orange trees orchards in its route to Puerto de Sóller. This train system has been working since 1912, and it still preserves its original feature. There is a local taxi service and several speedway routes: Transfer Palma Port de Sóller, via tunnel if you are in a hurry, or via coastal route, more relaxed and beautiful. Passing through the adjacent towns of Deliá and Valldemossa.

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Transfer from Palma airport to Soller

There is a ferry service that links with the Port de Sóller with Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis. You can get to Sóller in a cheaper and easier way by bus. These buses arrive and leave from Palma frequently every day, although not until late in the evening. Sóller airport bus service works from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. From the La Palma Mallorca airport pmi to Sóller, there is a bus that you can catch to Plaza Espanya and from there to Sóller. You have to take the L211 or L21. Other options are from the same square and the above mentioned famous Sóller Railway System. Places to Stay in Sóller. It is very common in Mallorca to find very nice places to spend the night and have a very cozy sleep. The lodge in Sóller does not differ from the one you can find in other zones in the island. From very luxurious hotels with great suites and incomparable facilities, to very tiny and familiar inns with wonderful rooms in which you can enjoy the stunning view from the balconies. All this will depend on your budget. You have also the choice to rent an apartment in one of the hundreds of condos around Sóller and save some money to have a romantic or expensive dinner outside, or just simply buy your own supply and cook in the kitchen. The offering is so diverse and important in Sóller, so we are sure you can find the best option for you and your family in Sóller.

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    What about gastronomy in Sóller? A natural orange juice from the Orange trees as a pause, or a great dinner with four dishes, Sóller bars and restaurants will delight you on each opportunity. In the Downtown, and particularly on the Port De Sóller walk place, you will find a very rich and varied offering. The streetcar crossing in the middle of Sóller square, and many nice bars are elements that during the day, you can make a special visit. It is also recommended to visit on Saturday mornings because is more than a social event in the town. In Port de Sóller, you will find numbers of restaurants, pubs, discos and bars with marvelous sea and port view. During your stay, please do not miss the opportunity to taste the typical dishes of the zone such as the Mallorcan soups, tumbet, Mallorcan fries, and a great fish variety without forgetting the famous “gamba de Sóller. Interesting places to visit in Sóller. Sóller and its surroundings are worthwhile to be visited and going through them. You feel attracted to the natural conditions, fantastic views above the city, the port, the sea or the Orange trees orchards, or the olive terraces.

    You can admire the rich island flora on the Botanic Garden of Sóller as well as inside the Natural Science Museum. The downtown offers, apart from its very stretch paved streets with the typical natural stones, good examples of Art Nouveau architecture, big houses and mansions, such as Ca’s Magraner on “Calle de la Luna”, and the former Bank of Sóller, as well as the Sant Bartomeu church. Once you get to the port, one advice is to take a walk around the old fishermen neighborhood or a visit to “Museo de la Mar” where it is important to point out the importance of the sea on Sóller history. Do not miss either to visit Fornalutx, chosen recently to one of the most beautiful towns of Spain. To conclude, do not skip the opportunity to go to Port de Sóller and enjoy this wonderful place around the beautiful Palma de Mallorca.