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This boom started since the beginnings of the 60s during the XX century. Now, we can see that this industry never stops growing, but continue their improvements and facilities in order to offer the best to the visitors and any single person who looks for some accommodation in Mallorca.

Here there are the reasons why Hotels in Mallorca do not stop offering the best to their guests:
Increasing of the amount of tourists that come to Mallorca every year. Foreigner tourists have spent more than 3.750.000,00€ during the last semester of the year, which mean a raise of 8.4% comparing with the same term last year, 2015.

There also a raise of 6.5% on the media expenses, (112€) and 3.9% on the average tourists’ expenses (853€) according to the Touristic Expenses Survey (EGATUR in Spanish).

What all those numbers mean? It means that owners of the most important hotel chains, small lodge houses owners, managers and investors in lodge services in Mallorca have decided to increase and improve the rooms supply and the services offering respectively in comparison to what they have done in the previous years.

These businesspeople are conscious that the better their place look, the more tourists will feel comfortable and will repeat their stay in those places. All what they are focus on now is to make the tourist’s experiences the nicest ever by them.

This also impacts in better and more jobs, more indirect services and more and better salaries and benefits for everyone in the island.

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Extra-hotel Accommodation. During the last years, the increasing of extra-hotel accommodation has been raising in a vertiginous way. Many condos, inns or just simple and typical Mallorcan houses have opened their doors to receive tourists who want to experience another kind of tourism, more familiar one or just something warmer and plain to stay.

For many foreigners, this experience is something they feel it gives them more liberty to enjoy all the stunning sights in Mallorca Island. Some tourists may feel they have to spend most of their time in a hotel that has everything they want without experience the island as other tourists do.

That is why they have decided either rent an apartment and go everywhere without being attached to breakfast, lunch and dinner time, or stay with a family that have decided to receive tourists and give them the opportunity to live a unique experience.

They can meet locals, receive information about places to visit, eat a homemade meal, have the free will to come back to the place whenever they want, and live like any normal person in Mallorca. So, if your budget is not enough to stay in a hotel, you want to see something different, or just want to see the other side of the island, this kind of accommodation are perfect for you!

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There are many ways in which people can get the hotel where they made their reservation before arriving to Mallorca. that is why it is important to have and international airport only 20 minutes away from the city center. In order to make your hotel transfers Majorca comfortable, you can take any kind of transportation services from the airport with no difficulty

The hotel transfers from Palma airport is easy to do. Just decide which service you want to use and get it. One of those Palma de Mallorca airport transfers is the bus service. Depending on the place you want to go, just ask at the information center what line to take and you can easily take a bus to drop you exactly in the place you will stay.

Maybe you have decided to stay near the airport. Hence there are a variety of accommodation just 5 minutes away from the airport. Just take your luggage, and get your favorite hotel Palma airport to spend the night especially if you are staying for a few days and not for having fun, but business.

The other option to make your hotel transfer Palma airport is by taking a taxi. The fees are not so high comparing with other places in Spain, and they include the toll fare. For doing your Mallorca airport hotel transfer, hiring a private transportation service from is another feasible option for you. There are some companies inside the airport to choose the option you want to get to the hotel in the best way possible.

You can hire a shuttle (if your budget allows you to do that), or just rent a car (with a GPS included) for about 15€ per day and having the advantage of going anywhere, anytime with no complications at all. Although, it is important to point out that the public transportation in Palma de Mallorca is outstanding!

Finally, many hotels and accommodation places offer to the tourist a package that includes transfers from the airport. Just consult the price and set your arrival to the hotel. They will pick you up there in very comfortable and modern vans that may include Wi-Fi connection, soft drinks and indoor entertainment that will give you the sensation you are already enjoying all the services that are waiting for you in the hotel.

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Innovation and Technology in Hotels in Mallorca

Different hotel chains worldwide are revolutionizing the experience for tourists to having and to give them the possibility to forget about the keys, stay in smart rooms, and get into imaginable spaces to escape from the routine, among other tendencies that are redirecting the course of the hotel industry.

Mallorca and its hotels are not alien to these tendencies. From offering WI-FI connection everywhere, to make your reservations via social media are the innovations they have included lately in their experience with their customers.

Some hotels in Mallorca are giving their guests the possibility to control their stay through electronic gadgets like tablets. The guests can control all the environment of their room. Graduate the intensity of lights, turn the air conditioner on, or even set the alarm clock and control the electronic curtains.

You can see the hotels in Mallorca are ready to host you with all the things you wish to please you and give you the best experience possible.