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The Meeting Point of Palma Airport: An Unexpected Stop

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    One of the most important places when leaving the airport to the city is the meeting point. A meeting point is place just on the outskirts of an airport where your transfer options are available whether traveling to a special tourist center or going directly to a hotel

    These options can be: taxis, minibuses, vans, minivans, to rent a private car, etc and will always be available to the customer 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What are these meeting points?

These meeting points are the right hand of the airports, as it ensures the availability of the transport units to the customer once they have land at their holiday destination and thus ensure the safety of the client from the airport to the hotel or any other place that the traveler decides to go.

It should be noted that big cities have their airport and these in turn have their meeting points. Among the most famous in Europe are: the airport and meeting point of Nicelli in Venice. The airport and meeting point of Madrid-Barajas in Madrid and which is the most beautiful and striking of the whole Mediterranean Sea: the airport and meeting point of Palmas de Mallorca. Today we are going to talk about this unique, beautiful, extraordinary and one of the most important airports and meeting points of the Mediterranean Sea, Palmas de Mallorca.

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    The airport of Palmas or better known as Son San Juan Airport is the largest and most important airport within the Balearic Islands. It is strategically located between popular holiday areas (such as S’Arenal) and the city of Mallorca. It is one of the most profitable in the country in terms of volume of passengers entering and leaving its terminals..

    It is not surprising that an airport is the one that carries most tourists around the Balearic Island and is the third in all Spain (being only surpassed by the cities of Madrid and Barcelona). This meeting point is connected to the Levante Highway which is the longest and most important in Mallorca. This Highway in turn is connected to other roads that are essential to cross to reach tourist centers such as the beaches of Magaluf or Cala D’Or.

    This is why it is not surprising that this meeting point is the most important transport hub when visiting Mallorca, since having an exit with the Highway that crosses the whole island makes it easier when it comes to catching transportation to any tourist center.

    In addition to offering a very accessible exit to the Levante Highway, this meeting point offers all the transport options that the best suits the client. Among these options we have buses, minibuses and taxis. Bus lines are popular as a cheap and easy alternative means of transportation.

Mallorca airport meeting point


All buses go through certain route lines and these in turn have bus stops distributed throughout the city. These routes cross famous streets and flashy avenues as well famous streets. The bus lines also offer in all their units an easy to understand map for travelers so that they can stop at the right stop without fear of making a mistake. The bus lines belong mainly to the Mallorcan government which is having such economical prices and offer an excellent service to the tourist.

Within the meeting point of the airport of Palmas de Mallorca have also a great variety of private transfer companies that offer minibuses and taxis to the globetrotters. However, one of these private companies you can find inside the meeting point is Palma Transfers. Palma Transfers is a company that offers to rent minibuses to travelers with or without drivers.

Even though the Headquarters is on the outskirts of the airport, they maintain a branch inside the airport-meeting point so it is easy and quick to request a company minibus rental. This company complies with the specifications of the minibuses required by the Mallorcan transport law (20 seats, FM Radio, air conditioner, etc) and its price varies by rental days.

Best service

Even though in Mallorca there are other companies, we can guarantee that Palma Transfers is the best option because not only they have a large variety of minibuses for tourists but also they offers minibuses near to the meeting point, so the advantage is that you do not have to wait for the minibus that is on the outskirts of the city, these minibuses are already near to the Meeting Point.
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    The Palmas airport meeting point is also the source of work for many taxi drivers. Taxi drivers are very numerous and you can get from independent taxi drivers to taxi lines like Taxis Palma Transfers. These taxi lines have a special service for those who come or go to Palmas airport and are often found within the meeting points. The meeting point is also full of independent taxis that can offer you their services 24/7.

    It is true that taxi prices may be a little more expensive, but with the company Palma Transfers prices are the lowest compared to other taxi lines that are close to the meeting point. Obviously the prices vary according to time and place where the customer is headed, but usually taxis have advantage of going anywhere and in less time and the Palma Transfer it is not the exception.

    With this article it can be concluded that the meeting places are the most important places, it is the first entrance that the tourist has to enter a new place in which he will feel comfortable and pleasant. It can also be concluded that the company Palma transfers offers all its customers all its services so that in this way your trip can be a unique experience, unique and unrepeatable.

    Also it can be concluded that the meeting point is one of the many attractions that this beautiful city offers and is the first of many beautiful stops that you will have when visiting this island. Do not forget to enjoy it and see you in the next article. See you!