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Private Transfer in Mallorca, a Great Experience

Moving around Mallorca is easy to do, whether make your transfer using public transportation, or a private one. Whatever your choice is, moving around Majorca is another experience to enhance your thrill and enthusiasm for visiting Baleares archipelago.

One of those ways to move around Mallorca is by private transportation. Private transfers Majorca can be done as soon as you get to the airport, you can hire a private transportation to get exactly where you are going without the complexity that carries using public transportation in any city in the world. We have to remember that Palma de Mallorca has grown in a very vertiginous way, and every day people from all over the world are coming not only for enjoying their holidays, but to settle and find a new life.

The private Palma airport transfer can be done using micro buses, mini buses, car rental, and a car with a private driver direct to your lodge, hotel, inn, village or apartment. Private transfers Palma airport offer a specialized service in passengers’ transfers to the whole Mallorca Island.

Not all is what it seems

One of the thousands of illegal modalities spread in Mallorca is the pirate private transportation that offers take your luggage from the airport. If the starting point is Mallorca, they charge you 22€ for every suitcase and, they offer to take you to your destination or to the airport with no extra charges. So, it is an inverse model. What it really worth is the suitcase and not the passenger.

The non-stop growth of unfair competition is one of most discouraging battle fronts for different taxi lines in the island the keep for their survival.

This seems a big issue, especially for legal private transportation in Mallorca. However, there are many people who are aware of this situation and they definitely prefer to make their Majorca private transfers using the legal transportation means around the city.

Private Taxis in Mallorca

Taxis in Majorca have a lot of varieties. From the simple one to make your transfer from Palma airport, to the most sophisticated with the last model minivan to pick you up anywhere in just 10 minutes as soon as you make a phone call.

You have to take in consideration that taxis do not have a fixed fare. They charge you according to the taximeter with a minimum of 3€ up to your destination every 10 kilometers. Some of the services do not include tolls, which have to be cancelled by the client who hires the service. In other cases, the fee includes tolls. This will depend on the company that offers the service.

There is a new tendency to hire a “taxi” using an app with particular drivers who indicates exactly where is the closest one and take you to your destination. This APP have caused that some taxi-drivers protest for what they consider “unfair” competition, but the fact is that many people prefer particulars in which they can trust more than a person that does his/her job, but maybe is not a person who treats the customers in the way they wish.

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Private Buses

If you travel with all of your family, and you are a group of more than 10 people, even more, maybe you are looking for something bigger by which you need to be together, the best option is hire a private bus to take you to your destination from Palma airport. You can split the fees and maybe the cost is much lesser than taking an individual taxi. In any case, this service has gained popularity among people who travel to the island.

Another option is to share a private shuttle with other passengers that prefer a service with more comfort than the public transportation. This share transfer is made with other passengers and can be made by taxi, minibus or auto car.

The shuttle only works between the airport and the hotels, but they cannot take you to private address.
You have to be aware that using this can of transportation has a wait time of 75 minutes. So, if you are not in a hurry, this might be the most convenient one for you.

On the other hand, the advantages of taking this kind of service are that you can make your reservation via SMS 24 hours in advance. They take directly from the airport to your final destination without stopping. And finally they will take you back to the airport or port when you finish your visit to the island.

VIP transfers

The VIP transfers consists of going from the airport or port to the place you will stay in.
Your driver will be waiting for you with a sign and your name at the waiting room or when landing the ship. The direct transfer, with no stops and made with High-End cars such as Mercedes, BMW, etc. with the driver.

The advantages of this kind of services are that they are available as soon as your plane land. They park just a few meters away from the exit. They offer you a total comfort with High-End cars. They make a direct transfer with no stops to your final destination. There is availability for baby and children car seats at any age.

Car Rental

Majorca is a very popular touristic destination. Who does not want to spend his/her vacations there? But, if you are planning to go there, maybe the best option is rent a car, taking into account that the prices increase when the summer is about to start. The prices raise a lot, so your budget may be affected by this phenomenon.

The key is to make a reservation in advance in order to make sure that you will have a car that suits your needs available, and it also works to save much money. You can make your reservations in January and when you arrive to the island in July, you will not have to pay more for the same car.

The other key is that if you are not sure about the dates of your arrival, you can make reservations at the same time and cancel the ones you will not use. That will help you a lot to pick the car of your preference without any inconvenience.

These tips and suggestions about using private transportation in Mallorca are made to help you with this issue without any other worries, but enjoy your holidays. Have fun and come back soon!