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When visiting one the most cherished destinations in the Mediterranean you don't want to do it in a hurry, worried about transportation and missing out on the best sight seeing this wonderful island has to offer, therefore make sure to choose Majorca airport transfers and select the service that better fits your needs.

Mallorca has become one of the most endearing destinations to forget about the world and finally attain that little piece of heaven we are all so anxious to get, not so much in the next life, but right now please.

Escaping our current agitated lives can be tricky if we don’t know how to prepare and organize according to our expectations. We can easily become more stressed out by a nice trip gone wrong that by our average busy schedules, so do we really want to be improvising during the time we’re supposed to be relaxing?

The Mediterranean region is well known by its beautiful beaches, excellent seafood and vegetables, wonderful warm weather and people and a rich culture ready to absorb the curious visitor. Spain and Italy, to name just a couple of examples, are often enough considered to be exotic and interesting destinations to travel due to their love for history and culture which helped preserve some of the most important historical places for western culture.

Before the Romans took to call the Mediterranean Sea “Our Sea” it was the Greeks and Phoenicians that mainly lived their lives at its mercy, by which the conquered much of the land throughout the coast line. Conquest and failures, the Sea saw the rising and falling of empires such as the Roman and Ottoman and the fights between pirates and in landers, Moors and Christians.

Very few places on earth can boast of such a rich history and past, it was a determinant region for the ancient world, the middle ages, the renaissance and up to our present days. It is no wonder why some call it the cradle of western civilization. Have you ever wondered when and where tourism began? Although in ancient Egypt and Greece travelling was meant as a pilgrimage, in these two civilizations we will start to see traces of what travelling achieved for their cultures and why it became almost an obsession for some to travel to foreign lands.

The resultant cultural exchanges shaped the face of history forever, and by the time Romans where traveling throughout the Empire somewhere already building summer houses on the coast of the Sea for vacations. The renaissance saw the appearance of the Grand Tours, where the educated classes when out to visit other European countries to learn about culture, architecture and other arts.

However it really wasn’t until the 19th and 20th centuries that travelling or tourism became a reality accessible to different classes of people, not just the higher classes. The steam engine made it possible for more people to afford travels to other countries in the region and soon even to other continents like America. By the 1960’s it was a reality for many people to get on a plane and fly over to your preferred touristic city.

With time tourism has become a worldwide favorite activity for almost every family around the globe and holidays are especially reserved to travel to a new and fun destination. Services such as Mallorca airport transfers now exists to make travelling for business or with family a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience, assisting you with all the most important details of your schedule.

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Yes, nowadays we can fly almost everywhere we want to and the use of new technologies like online bookings are making the whole process a lot easier for the common traveler. This impulse from technology fits in with a pattern of constant improvement of traveling services and conditions through the use of new technologies in recent years. This is true now more than ever in regards to marketing, for example.

The ability to reproduce and share information on the Internet through social media is unprecedented by any other media, deciding every aspect of your travel has been made more available, more personalized, and the average consumer’s expectations have grown. Companies and businesses are now catching up with this and making great efforts in being able to fulfill such expectations.

Within the Mediterranean region, Majorca has a very special place in the minds and hearts of many people around the world. No doubt about it, you will find a little piece of paradise in this island so make sure you book your Palma airport transfers and Majorca airport transfers with guided tours to experience the extraordinary nature of this Mediterranean treasure.


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Current trends indicate that many travelers are looking forward to their vacations as a time to ‘disconnect’. Especially in Europe, people are unplugging from work and regular life and going for a more natural and relaxing time while traveling during holidays. However, as much as people want to disconnect them also want to do it on their own terms, that is, plugging in must be an option at almost every time and everywhere.

So, predictably enough we want the sensation of signing off but without the actual risks, and this is understandable and reasonable within our natural quest for happiness and pleasant vacations, but also the challenge and opportunity many businesses have taken, especially in early-earth-like paradises such as Majorca. Because of its beautiful weather and geographical conditions it also serves as a fulfilling destination for another recent trend in tourism that is to visit untouched and unique places.

While modern restaurants, clubs, bars, themed parks and historical monuments find their home in this island, it is also true that its well preserved natural parks are some of the most beautiful and mystical places to visit if you are interested in this particular type of tourism. As an example, you could take a whole day and visit Mondragó Natural Park, located in the south close to Santanyí. Its fine grain white sand beaches and turquoise sea first made this spot famous as a non spoiled Eden for relaxing. Today you can also find a very well stocked set of beach bars along the coastline, and delicious restaurants and fruit vendors, everything to make your visit worthwhile.

Majorca has an ideal weather to match with its beaches and parks, and part of its secret for this is the Tramontane Mountains, at the north face of the island. In the winter, the Serra acts as a buffer, shielding from the wind and absorbing most of the rain and snow. During summer, they provide the cool retreat away from places like Palma and the south. Pine forest hills where you can go for a light hike and smell the wild rosemary while you breathe in the natural air, listen to the sheep bells, the goats, and marvel at the overall scenery because it is no doubt a very well preserved and rare sight in today’s world.

Now, if you really want to see untouched and unique nature you better head on to the Llevant Peninsula, with its remote, un-spoilt beaches and Mediterranean tortoise colonies, this natural reserve was declared national park in 2002 and it’s no wonder why being the equivalent of a Nirvana branch on earth.

Ok, but we’ve talked about it, remember? We want to unplug voluntarily, and always have the option to undo! So, Majorca is not some off line territory where you’re forcibly disconnected, most of the cities and towns have a very active night live, restaurants and touristic resorts offering a diverse catalogue of tour plans including themed parks. The museums and art galleries are always a fantastic option to visit during you stay, or if you’re more into science or history you can visit some of the archeological sights and historical monuments. It’s easy to find, for example, reminders of the Romans, the Moors, and the Spanish, they all left towers, castles, and palaces that are now adorning the island. Later, when economic prosperity hit, some of the most beautiful and grand manors, mansions and gardens were built, with time becoming open to the public.

Transfers Palma airport takes care that every client can select the preferred tour that will suit his or her expectations and needs, along with the company you can create your schedule around the places and activities you choose, but always sure that airport transfers Majorca will provide an efficient and responsible service with the exclusive goal of making your travel as pleasant and comfortable as possible

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The fresh fish dishes are always a good and smart choice, you can also go for the numerous lamb and pork dishes, or if you feel in a lighter kind of mood you may want to try the Tumbet, a delicious vegetable dish, the Trampos, which are vegetable pizza slices, the local Grimalt cheese or a wholesome rice soup. For dessert you may like a slice of Turrón, nougat handmade from the local almonds, the traditional pudding or the local cheese cake. This is just a sample of the wonderful Majorcan diet that you will find visiting the local shops and restaurants along the island, many of the tours offered by Majorca airport transfers focus on delivering the best culinary experience.

Many celebrities have taken to visit and even buy property in Majorca, charmed by the wonders of this island. People like famous actor Michael Douglas along with Catherine Zeta-Jones, supermodel Claudia Schiffer, British magnate Richard Branson, tennis player Rafael Nadal, singer musician Annie Lennox, actors Joseph Fiennes and Pierce Brosnan, just to name a few, all have or have had properties in Majorca and enjoyed its paradise-like qualities, many more visit frequently also, falling pray to its natural beauty, they all sure sound like great company to be in!

Art is also very appreciated in Majorca, many galleries specializing in Spanish contemporary art, some devoted to specific artists. There are galleries devoted to Joan Miró and Salvador Dalí, to name just two in the Palma region. In Soller you can find the wonderful Can Prunera art museum, and at the train station the Township holds a permanent Joan Miró exhibition free of charge. It’s no secret most of us get caught up in a shopping spree while traveling, especially in somewhere like Majorca, and the center for shopping culture in the island is definitely Palma. From the well-known brands the high and luxury street, to the independent hip boutique offering their take on local fashion and style.

Every week you’ll also find markets in every town selling local goods, from food to shoes, you can take your time and find that special piece of memorabilia you want. Port Andratx and Cala D’Ors are also very renowned popular places for shopping.

Wine and Food!
Perhaps you’d enjoy some good wine after a long day shopping? Well, transfers Palma airport can provide services to the many Vineyards open for public around the town of Binissalem, or around the town of Felanitx, in an area called Pla & Llevant. Both are centers of fine wine in Majorca. The third area known for their wine making is at the foothills of the Tramontane Mountains, mainly in the north. The producers are very enthusiastic about their product and you can spend almost an entire day just visiting the vineyards.

Never mind sightseeing and wine tasting, no travel is complete without good food. So, surely even before you book your Palma airport transfers you’ve already seen every possible restaurant you’ll want to try.

Before you arrive to the airport one of the chauffeurs from the service will be waiting for you with a sign to help you avoid unnecessary waiting and queuing. He will assist you with the luggage and take anywhere in Majorca, also offering holiday transfers Majorca and adapting the service to suit your needs, whether it’s a private car, a minivan, shuttle or bus, Palma airport transfers will take care of the necessary. Start your day with an Ensaïmada, a delicious spiral yeast bun dusted with icing sugar, typical of the island. Some say the secret is that the sea air benefits the rising dough and that’s why attempts to make them outside haven’t been successful. With enough energy you can begin your day as you desire but make sure you try the Fideuà for lunch- the local paella but instead of rice use noodles.